Owner’s Corner

Important messages, alerts and updates to our valued customers

Eliminating Citric Acid and replacing with Lemon Juice - 08/16/19

When we changed the design of our Hummus’ labels, we started using Non GMO Citric Acid to stabilize the shelf life. Many customers complained that they were allergic to Citric Acid and they preferred “Lemon Juice” instead.

Because Customers’ satisfaction is always our Top Priority, we listened and we are currently re-printing all of our Hummus labels, and when the new labels are ready, we will eliminate Citric Acid and replace with Lemon Juice in our Hummus and rest of our products as well.

This process will take about 8 weeks from today, after all older inventory is depleted, etc.

We Thank you for your Feedback, and be assured that we will always improve in order to Exceed your Expectations! Thank you for your Continued Business and Support!

Nature’s Feta and Roasted Garlic Dip’s label Misprint - 06/24/19

Nature’s Feta and Roasted Garlic Dip’s label, printing error: In the ingredients label, you can read “Contains Milk, Eggs” . That was a printing error that we did not catch on time. There are no “Eggs” in that dip.

We’ve already printed corrected labels and you will see them after the older inventory is depleted from the stores. We apologize for that error!