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Nature’s Healthy Gourmet, Inc. specializes in all vegetarian recipes. We produce and sell FRESH hummus, dips, spreads, salads, mashed potatoes, falafel, soups, spinach pies, and more. You can find our products in all Whole Foods locations and various other gourmet and health stores in the state of Florida. Our products are packaged in individual, family size containers, and in bulk. Nature’s is committed to serve you the best of the best. Our food is always prepared Fresh on a daily basis, and everything we produce is made and supported locally. We use only the highest quality ingredients that offer the very best in homemade flavors and that look and taste like they were made one package at a time. We never stray from our authentic recipes. Our products are a healthier alternative to traditional snack foods and dips. We are also constantly working on new tasty and healthy culinary ideas.

2018 Recipient of Whole Foods’ Supplier of the Year Award for Florida Region




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gmo free


All ingredients used in our recipes and products are GMO Free.




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